Customized Expansion Joints

Tcomp – Manufacture of standard and customized Expansion Joints, with directly V-clamp connection to the bellow-ends for (diesel) engines, cooling and heating systems.

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DN500/PN3,5 PED

These 4Pcs. DN500/PN3,5 PED (2014/68/eu) for Exhaust, was produced within a week from arrival of flanges.
Produced to customers specifications

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These 35 PCS. in size DN1100 are produced with very low spring rate, and a high life time with more than 10.000 cycles, to help our customer with their pipeline system.

The cycle life is a very important thing at Tcomp and we ensure a long-lasting product.

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District heating

Tcomp has several solutions for deviations when district heating pipelines absorb thermal expansion.

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Corner relief Expansion Joints

Corner relief Expansion Joints according to PED (2014/68/eu)

In addition to all PED specifications, we did pressure testing of all units at once, to reduce time and cost.

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Stainless steel Expansion Joints

We are making stainless steel Expansion Joints specially designed for aseptic conditions and applications.

Our materials is approved with FDA and EC1935/2004.

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Tcomp supplies to many shipyards for newbuilding, shipowners, exhaust pipe system, Heat exchanger connections and retrofit (scrubber) for customers.

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Welcome to Tcomp on LinkedIn

Tcomp has over 30 years of experience in manufactures steel expansion joints for most industries worldwide.
We offer in collaboration with our customers everything from R&D to finished product.

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