Weekend with urgent delivery

On 17.30 last Friday, Tcomp was contacted by a customer within the Maritime industry in urgent need of an expansion joint, as their current one was leaking.
In close cooperation with the customer, all details, drawings and parts were sorted out Friday evening.
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Urgent engineering and delivery part 4/4

Quality control and shipment

As a part of every single delivery at Tcomp, it first went to our QA department to be inspected, measured acc. To approved technical drawings.

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Urgent engineering and delivery part 3/4

After all parts were in house, the assembly started, to join bellows, inner sleeve, flanges and other parts according to the customer’s requirements.

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Urgent engineering and delivery part 2/4

After all engineering, drawings were sent to our intern pre-fab workshop, with laser cut and new bending machine etc.

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Urgent engineering and delivery part 1/4

CASE: Tcomp is delivering 2 pcs. special design for T/C exhaust for a turbo charger with custom flanges and inner sleeve.

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Rectangular expansion joint

Rectangular Metal expansion joint manufactured on our new Yangli MB 8 – 250 x 3299 CNC press brake.

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Vacuum seminar at CERN

In the start of October Tcomp (Mathias L. Sørensen) had the pleasure of attending a vacuum seminar at CERN through their Big Science membership.

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3 bellows expansion joint

Special 3 bellows expansion joint DN125 for air.

Also available with 2 bellows.

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DN 1800 steel expansion joint

DN 1800 Tcomp steel expansion joint ready to be packed and sent to the end customer.

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Satisfied customer

Another new customer who was very satisfied after their inspection and check at Tcomp.

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